Will the CBD Oil for Pain, Anxiety and Sleeplessness Craze Continue?

Yes, and it’s going to be much bigger than you think!

The CBD craze is not just a passing quick fix for progressive and enterprising entrepreneurs. So, jump in and stake your claim now before it’s too late. The expected CBD market growth rate is expected to be 20 Billion by the year 2024 according to one of the leading cannabis industry analytics firms, BDS Analytics.

WOW! Now let’s ditch the SEO and talk turkey. What does this mean to regular people like you and me. It means we are going to see this stuff everywhere and in everything. As of the date of this article CBD is NOT allowed as an ingestible additive or an ingestible supplement, period and end of story. Why? Because the FDA says so. Wait, I see Instagram adds every day for CDB water, so how can it be illegal? Good question. It’s not illegal in that sense. It’s not allowed, and those entrepreneurs are ignoring the FDA in order to gain a foothold and stake their claim in the wild west that is CBD because there really are not any penalties and they are smart.

Once the FDA rules in favor of letting CBD be an additive and they will, the CBD craziness will really start. You can learn more about the FDA and CBD here with this article from Hemp Industry Dailey. This news source has great insights and is a daily must-read if you are interested in the business of CBD.

The farmers and oil producers are already digging in and these are going to be your first superstars of the cannabinoid oil industry. The next group is going to be the unknown companies that become the Coke and Pepsi of CBD. FYI these currently do not exist. The opportunity for us regular people to make money with CBD is in the CPG category. The CPG of your choice is where the smart, clever and brave stand to really make it big. Food, beverage, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals are big categories with big upside.

Investing in CBD stocks is probably a very good bet also. I looked at the 1st Quarter 2019 growth rates of some of the top CBD companies and they were off the charts ridiculous. Take a look at the following companies 2019 Q1 reporting’s.

Charlotte’s Web  2019 Q1 Earnings and Review

CBDMD2019 Q1 Earnings and Review

CURALEAF2019 Q1 Earnings and Review

ELIXINAL2019 Q1 Earnings and Review

CV Sciences2019 Q1 Earnings and Review

How to participate in the CBD gold rush without going full Cheech and Chong.

  1. Try it you might like it! You need to understand it first so jump in.
  2. Do your research and invest. This is your best bet for getting the next Starbucks for next to nothing. Starbucks is at $96 today, I just checked.
  3. Sell your house and become the CBD version of Red Bull. By the way Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz is the owner of Red Bull and he is one tough entrepreneur.
  4. Be an Entrepreneur and figure a way to make it happen without selling your house. The opportunity is amazing so what are you willing to risk?

About the author – Darren Capik has been content creator, marketing specialist and writer for 15 years in the health and wellness space. His passion for helping people in all aspects of media production and marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides. In addition to writing for online sources, Darren also provides technical consulting services for businesses of all sizes.


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