Old Fashioned Local Marketing Works Again! Especially for Trainers and Local Fitness Studios! Because nobody is doing it.

Easy and effective local marketing Tips for Trainers and Local Fitness Studios to get more clients are closer than you think. There was a time when Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp didn’t exist. Marketing was done the old-fashioned way with placed advertising, radio, TV, and flyers. This is local lead generation and its very effective. Each tip is a touchpoint that works in creating a lasting impression of awareness for the local Trainer or Local Fitness Studio and their marketing efforts.

Here are 5 local marketing tips on that really work especially for local fitness trainers and studios.

1. Signage

2. Promo Items

3. Flyer

4. Email Marketing

5. Community Websites

Signage – Good signage and branding goes a long way. It becomes a touchpoint that burns into the mind of your consumers. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor retail presence, then window or wall signs are super valuable. I recently put two large signs on one of my Chiropractor client’s windows on a street corner that hit 10,000 eastbound eyeballs on a busy day. See Pic 1. The total cost was $1100. $100 for the graphic design and $1,000 for the printing and installation. This has been up for 6 months and has shown an increase in traffic to the practice and the website. 100 feet away is a small billboard by Lamar with a monthly rental of around $1800 per month. See Pic 2. The local marketing value proposition on this Is a home run.

Flyers/street marketing – Now we are going old school. When I was a little kid, I worked for the local Christmas tree lot every year. I was given a stack of flyers and I would go to all the parking lots and put the flyers on the windows of the cars while people shopped. Because it was Christmas and people would buy a tree in a certain window, it was extremely effective with a crazy short time frame on the ROI. This still works very well for chiropractors especially if you have other services such as massage and acupuncture. It’s a very simple process just print up your flyers online then hire a worker to distribute the flyers and voila! You have reached a crazy amount of very local people for very little money.

Another very effective hack with coupons is reciprocal flyer exchanges. Especially with dry cleaners, smoothie shops, chiropractors, and vitamin stores. These businesses are a great place to advertise. A large portion of your local target demo goes to these businesses, take advantage of it.

Promo Items. Promo items work very well especially if you integrate a call to action message onto the promo item. Think about pizza place refrigerator magnets. They were really effective. What are some great and inexpensive promo items for Trainers and Local Fitness Studios?

  • Ice Packs
  • Key Chains
  • Re-usable stink bags
  • Face masks

All of these items can be made inexpensively and branded with a call to action. They can be easily included in the flyer/street marketing campaigns. The promo items are a great way to keep your message alive and generate another lead generation touchpoint.

Community Websites. This is a little digital but still an old school tactic. Community websites especially now with the Covid-19 outbreak are a perfect place to drive some awareness and even a little traffic. You can use a promo item such as a face mask to tell people you care about their well-being and that anyone can stop in and pick up a 5 pack of face masks for friends or families. This idea is another good promo piece for other local service businesses that don’t compete directly with you.

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