Case Studies

Scripps wanted to get into the digital lifestyle category with a new site called ULIVE. We were given the brief to create a series influencer based upbeat, fun and informative short pieces that could be promoted across platform to drive traffic.

HiiTMATE HiiTMATE is a new HIIT circuit training group fitness class on Ventura Blvd. The owner, an established industry veteran wanted to visually tell the story of his new workout program and convey some of the main differentiators. He wanted to use the videos for Website, PR and Awareness.

Marriott wanted an upscale multi-property based health and wellness program for their JW Brand in-room entertainment system and for that system to double up in the on property gyms through a video kiosk system. Working with an awesome host named Nora Tobin, a JW brand ambassador, we shot a great series of workouts at multiple JW locations to bring a luxury feel and look to the dynamic program. Great program done on a very moderate budget.

As a start-up is looking to push its way into the online marketplace specializing in the fast growing CBD Market. With a robust website and large vendor base they needed an info based “how to” for new eyeballs to understand the many elements and layers the website has. We had a micro budget but were able to convey with simple graphics and staging an effective info based commercial that achieved the goal.

Hydroxycut wanted a believability campaign. So we carefully followed all our weight loss participants and documented their weight loss on a weekly basis to show how effective the product is. This culminated in a commercial that was designed to be simple and to highlight the positive human results of the product.

George St-Pierre wanted to create a top line MMA style workout program that spoke to his sport and his fans. We worked with Georges to create his RUSHFIT training program offers fast, efficient series of workouts designed to give you maximum results in minimum time.Total-body, MMA-style conditioning circuits led by St-Pierre's trainer Erik Owings challenge you from head to toe while building muscle mass and burning fat. Fitness regimen consisting of seven high intensity workouts, with two training guides to help you manage your nutrition.